January 16 2011

‘Live’ in Concert

Glenn Basilica
& His Big Band

Plus Support:

‘The Greatest THING Since Sliced Bread or Processed Cheese’

New, Olde & Old Old Labour United
Feat. Keir Hardie on Drums,
Gordon Brown on Drums, Ed & David Milliband on Drums,  Michael Foot on Drums,
Tony Benn on Drums & Tony Blair on Drums with vocals by Shirley Willams & Dianne Abbott.

From the Mountains of Afghanistan
ALL NEW Best of
Drone-Cam Surveillance Footage

The Hottest Fire-Fights, Most Brutal Murders & Most Confused-Looking Donkeys


In the Canteen
Cordon Bleu Prison Chefs Cookery Contest
Big Ronnie vs Little Eddie
Special Prize: Two Years Remission.
A Maximum Security Event, sponsored by Maxim, Birds Eye, Sabatier & Moulinex.